Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to Keep Raccoons from Ruining your Camping Trip

My mom and I were talking about the Raccoons in the campsite and we were trying to come up with ideas. here's a link she sent me.

Step 1 Hot Sauce: I love spicy food and I always have a bottle of hot sauce in the house for my favorite recipes but I also use it to keep raccoons out of my camping trip. Raccoons do not like hot sauce, the cayenne pepper in it keeps raccoons from using their adorable little hands to pry off the garbage can lids if you just sprinkle two or three drops on the garbage can.

Step 2 Lysol: I know you are packing the RV to get away from cleaning the house this weekend but packing the Lysol isn't only for cleaning it's to keep the raccoons from ruining your camping trip. Lysol or actually the scent of Lysol will repel the raccoons. I always wash down the picnic table and any other outdoor furniture with Lysol to keep the raccoons from enjoying anything I accidentally left out.

Step 3 Dirty Clothes: I know you're thinking I've completely lost my mind but when the Smiths three campers over have raccoons eat their Smore supplies you will be glad you remembered to pack your stinkiest, sweatiest dirty socks. Raccoons don't like us as much as we don't like them. They will find the easiest way to get a meal so even though you will be sleeping when they come foraging if you leave your “human scent” around they will visit the neighbors rather than take a chance that it's just your stinky socks they smell.

Step 4 Dog Hair: Another unique way to keep raccoons from ruining your camping trip is to take along a bag of dog hair. I have three dogs so this is no problem for me but if you don't have dogs you could stop at the local groomers and make a deal for their garbage. It may seem extreme but sprinkling dog hair around your site will make raccoons think twice about visiting. Always remembering what raccoons don't like and that they are just looking for an easy meal will help you to keep raccoons from ruining your camping trip.

I had to laugh because I packed up our dirty clothes out of there the night before to put them in the car and that way I didn't have to do so much the early morning! Silly me!

Kristina, a friend of mine, is bringing me some supplies tonight. hopefully the little 'guests' will stay far away!

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